Welcome to basset drool we wanted to share with all of you how to care for bassethounds. We have four and they can be a ton of upkeep. We love our bassets very much they have been a joy to our life and I wouldnt take nothing for them.. I never owned a basset until I rescued one in 2005.He was the cutest thing ever. He belonged to some people down the road but I could tell right away this puppy was being neglected. So after a week of him following my daughters home from school we decided he would stay here with us.His skin was in really bad shape but in time all that would heal up. On christmas I let our dog outside and he never came home. We had no idea what happened and was told some boys took him home . Several days later I found out our dog had been hit and put to sleep because his broke foot was just to much to fix . I was heart broken.  I swore if I ever got another dog he would never be allowed outside without me present. Months later we got another basset and named him Babyboy. He was precious I dont think Ive ever been so close to a dog before. We had babyboy 18 months and on a hot day in June he slipped out our front door and our neighbor shot him in the back and killed our beloved dog.  I was in shock and for over two years after that it seemed to never end. The man was never charged for killing our defenseless dog I think that is what bothered me the most.

This blog is dedicated to our Babyboy