Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Solicit Donations for an Animal Rescue Group

Animal rescue groups are often self-funded and rely on donations from the public in order to stay in operation. Donations of food, dog dishes, leashes, collars and other supplies are always in need, as are financial donations. If you want to help by soliciting more donations for your local animal rescue group, start spreading the word and working your community. The more donations you can obtain, the better off the animals will be in the future.
Make donation jars out of old coffee cans, jars or tin cans. Create fliers asking for donations for animals. Paste the fliers around the donation jars. Cut a slit opening in the top of the jars, so that people can drop money in.

Visit local businesses and shops, asking them if you can leave the donation jars on the counters. Make sure you let them know that you will stop in once a week to collect, and leave your telephone number with them in case they fill up faster.

Ask local grocery stores and pet stores if you can put out a large cardboard box to collect donations of animals food and supplies. This encourages people to purchase some while in the store. They can drop off their donations in the bin on the way out. Again, be sure to check these bins often in case they start to fill up.

Write a letter to community residents asking for donations of either money or supplies. Contact a local title company to inquire about obtaining mailing labels to mail these letters. Most title companies have the ability to get mailing labels very easily, and if they know that it is for a good cause, they may do it for free. If you don't want to mail these letters, hand deliver them to the door, or put in their newspaper boxes.

Contact a local newspaper to inquire about some free media attention for your efforts. Perhaps the newspaper editor can put in a story about helping animals and rescue groups, or maybe the advertising director will place a free ad asking for donations. Branch out a little and contact a few local newspaper editors in the surrounding communities as well.

Contact local boy scout and girl scout groups to see if they would be interested in helping. These groups need to do these projects in order to earn badges, and the more people are out working for donations, the more you are likely to receive.

Send letters home to all the children in the school system. Be sure to ask the principal of each school first. In the letter, explain what you are doing and where donations can be dropped off or sent.

Ask a local store manager if you can set up a table or booth outside of his store on a busy day. Have information to pass out regarding animals in need. If possible, have an available dog or cat there as well to gain attention. It is hard to resist a cute animal.

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