Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alabama Bassets make their way across the US to find loving homes

What does it mean to save a dogs life you ask?
Well just look at the expression on Buford's face a cute 
loving high spirited fellow that ended up in a pound in Alabama.

Billybob and Buford both young and healthy boys was 
at the mercy of the shelters staff and volunteers in order to save them.
After several weeks with no adopters they relied on facebook
to find them help and so they did. 

Due to the economy in the south  and our only 501c3 Basset Rescue
not able to take the boys in several of us that network bassets in the south 
said we will take them in. 

There was no way I would let them be put to sleep 
I knew if I could just get them here and send them north they 
would have homes waiting for them and so they did. 

Buford and Billybob was  then picked up in Alabama by a 
Belly Rubs Volunteer and then driven to Tennessee .
The two brothers was picked up by ABC Basset Rescue of NY
and have now been adopted .

If you would be interested in volunteering and you have a love 
and a Passion for hounds contact us at

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